Paul’s not one for gimmicks, he doesn’t do songs or props… so what does he do?
For Paul it’s all about real comedy. All he needs is a mic and an audience, and he can do what he does best; telling great gags and making people laugh.
That’s what’s made him such an enduringly popular figure in the entertainment business;
from cabaret to cruise ships, floorshows to functions, theatre to tv warm up,
Paul’s talent for engaging an audience always shines through.



“Paul Eastwood is one of the brightest comics around.  His stage presence turns up the heat nicely”

“He is a Star Performer who interacts beautifully with his audience and is genuinely very funny”
“How nice to see a talented comic on the circuit witty, quick and confident. I can see him going far and can’t wait to see him again”
‘The quick-fire wit of compare, Paul Eastwood, bang on form, rattling more than a few cages and proving that, on his day, he’s one of the best emcees around’
Derek Smith, The Stage 2011
“Paul has gone from strength to strength and is now a really well established favourite for so many people. Over the years I have booked some great products at home and abroad and watching Paul Eastwood develop it has become very apparent that he has turned into not only one of my favourite comedians but one of those comedians that can work anywhere and most definitely has the gift of making people laugh. Great Comics don’t come along that often these days”
Carnival UK, Cunard, P&O and Ocean Village Cruises


More about Paul from the man himself, here’s a quick Q&A with Mr Eastwood…

Who inspired you to get into comedy?

Wow, that’s a tough one to start with. I just loved laughing and the way it’s such an instant hit to be able to make people laugh, growing up with The Two  Ronnies, Only Fools  and Horses, genius stuff but stand up wise i have to say Jim Davidson was the guy i loved, hiring his adult videos from the video shop. Naughty!

Do you remember your first ever gig?

Yes I did Brighton Trades and Labour club, 45 minutes. I did 20 and told every gag I knew, and got 20 minutes worth of the fee as well!

Tell us your all-time favourite gag…

An elderly lady had no money and didn’t know what to do so she wrote to God ‘please send me 200 quid to save my life’. The lads at the post office sorting room, saw this letter and had a whip round and got her 100 quid and sent it to her. Then she wrote to God  again’ thanks for the 100 quid God , it should have been 200 hundred but it must have been those thieving idiots at the post office!

As someone who’d been on the circuit for over 20 years, what are some mistakes you see comics making when trying to entertain a crowd?

Insincere and too showbiz, audiences are switched on now and want real!

What would be your tips for comedians starting out in the business?

Don’t! But if you feel you have to, just be honest to yourself and to the audience and talk from what you know and from the heart.

You’ve travelled all over the world performing on cruises and in some amazing venues. But if you could perform your dream gig, what would it be?

I guess all light entertainers would be the same as me, I would love to go back to Brighton Trades and Labour Club and finish the show! joke… The Royal Variety Performance, without a doubt.